Brief Info

Body image concerns impact people of all ages and genders. This research is open to 13-25 year-olds across Australia and New Zealand. It involves comparing two versions of Media Smart Online, a program that has been found to have a range of benefits such as, reducing eating disorder risk and symptoms, reducing onset of depressive symptoms and thoughts of self-harm, as well as improving body image and quality of life.

Participating involves completing a brief online survey which takes about 20 minutes, being randomly allocated (as in a lucky dip) to one of the 3 programs, and then completing the survey three more times: after your program finishes, 6-months later, and 12-months later. Group one will receive Media Smart Online at the rate of one module per week for 8 weeks. Group two will be able to complete Media Smart Online at the rate they choose. Group three will receive a set of tips on improving body image. This last group will be given access to Media Smart Online at the end of the research.

A $30 voucher will be sent to people who complete all 4 surveys over the study.

Participation is fully confidential and people who have used the program in the past appreciated being able to get help without needing to talk to others.

The programs are particularly well suited to those looking to:

  • Worry less about their body, weight or shape.
  • Think about food or exercise less.
  • Compare less to others on social media.
  • Spend less time editing photos to post on social media.
  • Not be distracted by body image thoughts.
  • Have better focus on study or work.
  • Be able to go out or take less time getting ready to go out.
  • Feel more connected with others.
  • Feel less anxious or down in general.